Burial and Cremation

Burial at the Gabriola Cemetery

Established in 1882 the historical and picturesque Gabriola Cemetery  is located on South Road and faces Mudge Island.  The website is very informative and Jared Hooper the Chairman of the Gabriola Cemetery Commission is very approachable, knowledgeable and kind.

There are only a few plots remaining for burial of un-cremated remains as the cemetery is restricted by size, though there are many plots available for cremated remains. The cemetery allows for un-cremated remains to be buried in a container that is created by or provided by the family, whether a casket or a shroud.

Cremated remains can similarly be in a container created by or provided by the family.  As the plot required for cremated remains is smaller than what is required for un-cremated remains, the cemetery will allow the family to dig the plot for cremated remains prior to burial should this be desired by the family.

The cemetery is also open to memorial markers that are created by or provided by the family, providing that they lie flat on the earth. Most materials are acceptable, whether stone, cement, metal, slate, ceramic or wood. Please keep in mind that different materials will deteriorate at different rates.

The cemetery is very flexible and respectful of family wishes and individual ceremony, please contact them to discuss your family led burial activities.

Please contact Jared Hooper to arrange a burial or for further details through their website http://gabcemetery.wixsite.com/gabriolacemetery.

Cremation at Evergreen

If the the deceased or the family of the deceased should desire cremation of the remains of their loved one there are select crematoriums that will accommodate family led activities. Evergreen Cremation Centre Ltd. is an establishment that is very flexible and desires to accommodate the family to the best of their ability.

Evergreen does accept family provided or created caskets (no shrouds) for cremation provided it is six-sided, leak-proof, and strong enough to carry the deceased without breaking or buckling. They will also accept urns created by or provided by the family providing they are large enough to accommodate the ashes (6 to 8 cups; a larger container is required for taller persons), and can be sealed (a cork to close the container is sufficient).

The family is permitted to attend the cremation of their loved one providing they have arranged this ahead of time with the crematorium.

Please contact Evergreen Cremation Centre Ltd. for further details and requirements: http://www.evergreencremationcentre.com/cremation-services